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our mission:

  • Kwedini2:17
  • House Of The Rising Sun1:58
  • Xica Da Silva4:15
  • Nomathemba4:04
  • Homeless3:55
  • Amaphiko Okundiza2:51
  • Isikhathi Siyimali2:38
  • Pata Pata3:51
  • Hello My Baby3:42
  • Ioxgam2:00
  • Wonke Amehlo Azonkumbona2:57
  • Kwazulu2:33
  • Hauteng3:30
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​​​Sustainability is the future that will heal and serve us all.

     At Kat's Kitchen without Borders, the mission is three-vectored:​  to provide sustainable micro-loans for young women internationally; to educate and train individuals on the growing culture of nutrition, health food, and how to create small sustainable businesses from that knowledge; and to seek surplus foods from restaurants and markets to distribute among local homeless individuals. Kat's Kitchen without Borders is a 501(c)3 organization in Houston, TX, United States of America.

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