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Executive Director & Founder

I studied at and hold a degree from Wellesley College and began creative arts at an early age--around age 8.  Not until joining the free-form photography club at Wellesley College as a student did I delve back into photography seriously:  black-and-white this time, as the school boasted an elaborate black-and-white darkroom for the use of all students and club members.  There I exhibited twice. Two of the prints sold to Wellesley Art faculty or staff (Thanks for the early support!).  I have since exhibited once more on a large scale in Houston, TX, and more modernly, on my website at Erika Haines Photography. I just published my first book of poems this year with support from friends and family.

Photography is, as with writing, about capturing and sharing my reality.  I try to be as honest as possible to the moment and avoid artificial light sources, a studio setting, or subject manipulation. This method affords me simultaneous detachment and immersion in a given moment.  These skills have come in handy in my travels with my mother, the Exec Director and Founder of the Organization.

Additionally, I am committed to creative arts such as web design, graphic design, and marketing and publicity as it relates to both.  I first gained experience in all of these fields working for the student-run radio station WZLY 91.5 FM in Wellesley, MA while in attendance there and while working as the Publicity Director and on publicity consulting subsequent generations of PD's. I am also fluent in English, Spanish, and some conversational and written French and Portuguese, and love opportunities of practicing some or all of these.

I have experience in leadership, the arts, languages, and in self-directed self-sufficiency, sustainability, and organic permaculture (small-scale, practical local farming).  I've taken online courses in organic permaculture and the sustainability crisis of the modern age, from Jeffrey Sachs, via edX.org, and my interest in these subjects continues to grow.   I am passionate about the planet and making it a better and more sustainable machine off of which all of us can justly live. 

Erika Haines​

Creative Director, Secretary, & Director

Creative Director, Secretary & Director

Kathleen Haines

Executive Director and Founder

My past background is diverse: I was a Licensed Engineer in Computers, Tech Support, and Networking for Xerox(Brazil), Toshiba, Microsoft, MSI, and Nortel Networks, for a cumulative 22 years. In the financial and mortgage industries, I was a business owner and Licensed Broker; and also worked in Sales.  

We want to improve the quality of life of communities

in need!

​​I also worked as a Senior Underwriter for mortgages and a Senior Auditor. When I was diagnosed with three cancers and five tumors, I learned to take nothing for granted.  I healed myself in three months without traditional treatments, radiation or chemotherapy. 

I then decided to share that knowledge with the world, and became a self-proclaimed public educator on health issues and natural healing, mostly through thorough research from accredited sources, and experimenting with the results of such research on myself and family members, then taking action to the markets, streets, blogs, and other media networks worldwide.

My academic background is in Computer Science, Law (Family, Real Estate, Contract, Bankruptcy, and Constitutional Law), Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, and Linguistics. I am fluent in five languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish; and I come from a long line of charity-involved family members, starting with my grandmother, continuing with my mother

I am a member of multiple branches of Who's Who, the International Women's Leadership Association (IWLA), The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and am a member of the Eta Kappa Nu-Computer Engineering Honor Society (IEEE), Alpha Omega Rho Chapter, and the Comptrollers Society (since 1992). My focus is on sustainability, women's empowerment, rights and dignity for the homeless, and equal access to education across cultures.

I am the Executive Director and the Co-founder of Kat’s Kitchen Without Borders, a full time volunteer and fund raiser for the organization. This is my humanitarian mission in life! 

Mariana has been involved in giving back to communities and various causes for over 30 years. She was a full-time fashion designer and seamstress her entire life. She is now retired. For those who know her, they know her magic hands at cooking and baking, as well. Mariana is very passionate about Kat's Kitchen Without Borders, and assists with fundraising activities.

Treasurer and Director

Mariana Fernandes

Treasurer and Director