My academic background is in Computer Science, Law (Family, Real Estate/Contracts, Bankruptcy, and Constitutional Law), Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, and Linguistics. I am fluent in five languages: English, Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish; and I come from a long line of charity-involved family members, starting with my grandmother, continuing with my mother

I am a member of multiple branches of Who's Who, and have been recognized eleven years in a row, as of January 2019. Member of the International Women's Leadership Association (IWLA), The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and of the Eta Kappa Nu-Computer Engineering Honor Society (IEEE), Alpha Omega Rho Chapter, and the Comptrollers Society (since 1992). My focus is on sustainability, women's, children, and youth empowerment, rights and dignity for the homeless, and equal access to education across cultures.

I am the Executive Director and the Co-founder of Kat’s Kitchen Without Borders, a full time volunteerand fund raiser for the organization. This is my humanitarian mission in life! 


Mariana has been involved in giving back to communities and various causes for over 30 years. She worked as a full-time fashion designer and seamstress her entire life. She is now retired. For those who know her, they know her magic hands at cooking, baking, and knitting as well. Mariana is very passionate about Kat's Kitchen Without Borders, and assists with fundraising activities.

Treasurer and Director

Kathleen O'Toole

My working background is diverse: In the IT field, I worked as a Licensed Computer Engineer, Programmer, Technical Support, and Wireless Network Engineer for Toshiba, Microsoft, MSI, and Nortel Networks, for a cumulative 22 years. In the Financial and Mortgage industries, as a business owner, and a Licensed Broker, and worked in Sales. when  IT industry collapsed, worked as a senior Underwriter, then Senior Auditor, started my own business, auditing most major

mortgage & financial companies in the country. Presently I run a Trust, and co-own an investment company, this organization as well as an insurance agency, where I am the Marketing Director.

We improve the quality of life of communities in need!

Vice President​ 

Executive Director & Founder


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​​​​​Paul O'Toole joined us officially in 2018, but he has been supporting Kat's Kitchen since 2016, in many capacities, engaging in many projects with us. He is also married to Kathleen O'Toole. Together, they co-own a successful  Insurance Company [Insurance Offices Texas], which has operated since 1966, an investment company, and this organization; he travels around the world helping deliver 100% of our raised donations.

Paul was born and raised in Ireland.  He also brings great business ideas to the Boardroom. We are happy to have him supporting Kat'sKitchen WithoutBorders!