Kats Kitchen has donated children's books for the Library and Teacher's room @ Bens Branch Elementary, NCISD in Porter, TX.  It all started when Calla Gregg, a caring student teacher reached out to Newport residents for help with any children's books anyone could spare, for her students. We couldn't say no. So we asked her for a list of books she approved and needed. We provided them with a bunch of them. There are more to come. We intend to fulfill the list. Below are the pictures of the acceptance. Kudos to Calla Gregg as well as Stephani Sapp, the Librarian for working together, allowing Kats Kitchen to provide a stairway to imagination, creativity, happiness for the kids at Bens Branch  elementary! Oct 7th, 2019

Abel is a 29-year old entrepreneur, in business for 8 years. His business imports female hair products from India and China. A brilliant business planner, who needed financial help due to some recent family illness. Kats Kitchen provided funding so he would not have to close his business, and could continue supporting his family. 

Charlie, the puppy

Erika Gonzalez and little puppy Charlie. Both won a shopping spree at Walmart, for anything they needed, with the help of our wonderful donors!
Erika is homeless, but found a job as a cook, and next month will rent a small apartment for herself and Charlie. With your donations, we were able to purchase clothes for her job start, toiletries, battery to provide electricity for her tent, bedding, toys, food, flea prevention meds and toys for Charlie. We are so grateful we could do this for Erika and Charlie!

Kat's Kitchen participated in another event with the help of Harris County Sheriff's Dept, Precinct 2 and Houston Food Bank. Today was at JD Walker Community Center @ Baytown, TX. What a great crew that was! Amazing people, all happy to help and pay it forward, in spite of the hot weather. 

Thank youErika Haines-Zuckero for sewing anddonating all those masks, during Covid 19 crisis! It really helped a lot of people and churches.

At vet (pix 1 & 2)

A shout out to Margaret Peery of Newport, Crosby TX, for donating so many items to these young moms who have no one to help them! Youa re always welcome at Kat's kitchen Without Borders!


This little guy was covered in mange, bleeding profusely from both cheeks, had the chills and high fever, could not open his mouth to eat. He was dying. His homeless human could not take care of him. Kat's Kitchen took dog to vet and treated him and now his skin is almost completely cleared. Will be taking him to vet net week for shots and set up for neutering. He is a rumbustious, playful 4 months old whippet. Very lovable.

The year of 2019 had its hiccups, but despite it, Kat's Kitchen was able to fund 2 local schools with their needs, so children can continue learning without the worry of lacking materials and books. We helped many random people with their groceries, on a daily basis. We funded socks for the elderly and the homeless. We partnered with other organizations to fund meals for school children in India. We raised funds for blankets and other beddings for pets in shelters and vets. We funded another entrepreneur in Mozambique (Africa) who needed help picking up his financial pace, enabling him to support his family and save the business. We funded food, groceries, medicines, clothing, electricity and much more, also to recipients in Mozambique. This year, Kats Kitchen without Borders has joined the Crosby Chamber of Commerce. We want to make a stronger impact into our town. So, Please donate! We want to thank all of those who donated and made it possible for us to meet the peoples' needs. THANK YOU! MAY YOU HAVE A BLESSED SEASON, AND AN EVEN BETTER NEW YEAR!

A shout out to DENISE COLLINS for all the items donated with love! Hope to see you soon.

Update Oct 09, 2019:This is Sebastiao Joseand family, who live in Mozambique, outside Maputo. They all work together making baskets, chairs, and many other items clients request. Katskitchen has funded their entire machinery, funds to operate for an entire year, materials needed to enable them to produce in large quantities to sell, as well as rent a store. They have now added several members of their family and are working as one. We love to see them flourish. Empowering young entrepreneurs is a big part of our mission! 

Antoninha is a young woman who has a donuts and cake home business, to help pay for her bills of cell phone, electricity and sometimes food. She lives in Mozambique, in the small city of Quelimane. The bulk of her customers are students, during the school year. When school closes down, for its brakes, Antoninha struggles to make ends meet, because she is not able to purchase supplies needed to create cakes and sell to the few customers. Kats kitchen just donated an entire month of supplies to Antoninha, so she can not only make ends meet, but to enable her to start the new school year with enough supplies, so she can get her small business into gear. We will be posting some pictures soon.
Please donate if you can, so we continue to empower young women!

We partnered with Harris County Sheriff's department to help distribute food for all families who need it, no questions asked. What a great job all partners are doing and volunteers! Thank you Chara Bowie and Julie!

YEAR 2020

Brittany Allen, a seventh grade teacher of this school, had a lot of great, creative  ideas for her class, but no funds for supplies to entice the childrens' learning ability. So, she reached out and Kat's Kitchen stepped up and funded a lot of those much needed supplies, including kits and a terrarium for reptiles, so children enjoy her science class.

​Katskitchenwithoutborders and Uber

February 26, 2016 ·

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Brandon White @ Atascocita TX


Brandon was homeless and very discouraged with life in general. Kat's kitchen funded his meals (5 meals a week), secured a job for him at Shogun Restaurant, where he gets the other meals for free, and earns a living, funded clothes, bedding, a bike for mobility, paid his cell phone bills throughout the year, helped him secure a place to stay, with decent roommates, restored his life and faith in humanity. we wish Brandon the best, he is no longer in need of our help.

​​​Gregory Lincoln Education Center

@ 1101 Taft St., Houston TX 77019

November 2019



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Antoninha pays it forward by helping to care for Jose A Domingues (pic above), who has mental & emotional liitations.

Regular distribution of all sorts of goods to several organizations: Churches, Catholic Daughters, non-perishable foods, disinfectant wipes, masks, and so much more. Thank you to all who donated and allowed us to fulfil one more promise.

Ten days into treatment, playing with Wolfie, one of our rescued dogs. Confident. Full of self-esteem

Antoninha Lobo and Jose A Domingues

from Quelimane, Mozambique (Africa)

Here is a little bio of these two admirable Student-Teacher and Librarian:

Stephanie Sappp

Bens Branch Elementary / New Caney ISD
Elementary Media Specialist
Stephanie has been a librarian for eighteen years, the last six at Bens Branch Elementary in Porter, Texas. Before moving to Texas, she lived in Florida, Illinois, and Wisconsin. She enjoys traveling, reading and all things technology.

Calla Gregg is currently a student teacher at Bens Branch Elementary. She loves working with young children and is excited to begin her journey as an elementary teacher. She has always had a great passion for literature and can't wait to instill the love for reading in all of her future students. Because of this, she is very appreciative of the books provided for her classroom!  

Katskitchen as partnered with  [AKSHAYA PATRA] to provide mid-day meals for children in India. 


You can bring children back to school

You can boost playground activities with fit and enthusiastic children

You can fill classrooms with healthy and vibrant children

Just by providing them with wholesome school meals

Back to SCHOOL

“It’s about getting kids ready for school, it’s about getting them the right start.” – Jerry Smith

 ‘Back to School’ is an annual campaign of The Akshaya Patra Foundation held between April and June. The campaign aims to create awareness and garner support for the Mid-Day Meal Programme, a strong determinant that ensures continued education for children from challenging backgrounds.

ABEL PEDRO ARNASSA, of Gueguegue, Maputo, Mozambique - November 2019

Before treatment. He could not open mouth to eat,